Savings Calculator

How large could your fund grow?

When you are saving for the future, it is a wise move to check how a particular fund is likely to grow. Do you know whether you have the best type of savings contract? Are you fully aware of the tax implications? Have you considered other things that could impact on your savings plans? You could see a real difference to the size of your fund by making changes to your regular payments. Our Savings Calculator will enable you to see how a fund could grow by saving a regular amount over a period of time. By inputting different amounts and timescales, you can assess how much you need to save. You may even discover that you can cease payments years before you need to draw on the funds.


9.0 %
Value of Fund (£000s)

The figures provided are for illustration purposes only and intended only as a guide.
Factors such as inflation and your personal tax situation will need to be taken into account when considering the growth you receive.